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"Delhi's web news portal dedicated to THEATRE" We Want It To be A Golden History & Coming Bright Future of Delhi Theatre Industry..

Our team had done research on Delhi Theatre Industry and we had launched our portal www.delhitheatre.com
Currently we are trying to practise what theatre preached and connect it with their audience, viewers, art-enthusiast in a best-loved way.. Our desire is to present theatre an effective teaching resource among us and most important today's youth. Theatre is simply an illustration of life and we want to guide you with this portal to alter ur perceptions to fit in with the best possible outcome...

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www.delhitheatre.com is a mission to organize & promote Delhi Theatre Industry initiated by RM Art Group in Association with Bhumika Films & Media Institute(BFMI). 

As per research of our team and talks with different theatre artists & groups, we found most of them are facing difficulties like financial problems, limited audience, limited exposure, which makes survival difficult in industry that’s why most of artists either quit or doing it as a part time job.

On other side when we talked to people in general, we got shocking reactions and statements from them like:-

I always wanted to do, but didn't know how to start with
There are lots of fraud groups
Tickets must be very costly, can’t afford it
I used to go to theatres like PVR a lot
What!! a live theatre is still performing in Delhi, I thought it was only in books
And a lot more.......

These were some of the shocking reactions we got, which gave us a strong reason for discussing and researching more about live theatre and as a result , we have a dedicated a website to represent the Delhi Theatre industry globally on www.delhitheatre.com 

We launched this portal to be a golden history and a coming bright future of Delhi theatre industry & to use Internet media extensively for the promotion of all the plays that perform in Delhi NCR. Our aims are to reach the common man & generate audiences, make them aware with the much-required information of all the activities in theatre industry with our exclusive upcoming programs, and to generate funds so that artists can produce some quality performances that is vital for the understanding of our society and theatre people become aware about the advantages of making their presence online. 

The aims of www.delhitheatre.com are as follows:
• Represent the Delhi Theatre Industry globally.
• Inform the common man about the happenings in the Delhi theatre industry.
• Bridge the gap between the producers and the organizers.
• Generate business inquiries for the producers and help the industry grow bigger.
• Encourage the promotion of experimental theatre that is avant-garde or thought provoking but which may not necessarily have the backing of publicity and finance.
• We also hope to make our site user-friendly for academics, students and the theatre buff by providing interesting articles about the theatre in general.

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