Theatre Fund

Fund-a-Theatre is an online space to bring together those who dream in celluloid and believe in it, with those who have the ability and willingness to fulfill those dreams.

Theatre are mostly either self-funded or made with the help of close friends and family. And so, with theatre being an expensive medium, this expression of creativity is beyond the reach of most individuals.

This is what Fund-a-Theatre is looking to address. We are building a powerful and open online space that connects investors and funds with theatre projects that are looking for finance at their various level of production.


Here's how it will work...

Talent will register and submit their ideas, scripts or they can pitch for GAP funding, on our website and investors will register and browse through the projects, shortlist and communicate with them.

Although this platform is open to all.

This is just the start of our journey, there's a lot more to come...

Please feel free to

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