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17Th March Was The Third And The Last Day Of Expressions'16(The Annual Stage Play Festival Of Dyal Singh Morning College).The Atmosphere Of the College Was Very Exciting And Festive But For The Final Year Students, It was the Last Theatre Festival Of Their College Life. Still,The Festival Made Their Day Most Excited And Memorable.The Last Day Of The Festival Had Three Performances.First Performance By The Maitreyi College 'Uncivilised Daughters'.The Play Basically Focuses And Questions The Basic Image Of a Girl as Per Our Society.A Girl Who Lives In A Home And Is Considered To Be Good Daughter is not Allowed To Ask Questions,Not Allowed To Live On Her Own Terms.She Should Live According To The Predefined Norms Established For Her.It Is A Satirical Play On Norms Created By Society For Women. Theatre Society Of Shivaji College 'Vayam' Performed The Second Play 'Jeevita Chellave-The Cost Of Living'. 'Jeevita Chellave' Is Based On Arundhati Roy's Novel-The God Of Small Things.The Play Sheds Light On The Tragic events That Take Place In The IPE FAMILY at the hands of the two Siamese Twins Estha And Rahel.The Play Also Focuses On Their Mother Ammu,Who being a bold And Rebellious Woman Finds It Difficult To Adjust With The Society And Even Her Own Family,Who Are Disgusted By Her Actions And Decision Of Leaving Her Husband And returning to her Maternal House.The Disgust Heightens When The Family Discovers Her Love Affair with An Untouchable a Paravan,Velutha.It Is A Story Cutting Through The Clothes of Caste,religion,Love,insecurities and regrets to reveal the bare bones of humanity and it's devastating effects on the innocent descendants of the family-Estha And Rahel,Who End Up Breaking The Laws Themselves. The Last Performance Was By Shaheed Bhagat Singh Evening College 'Run For Your Wife'. Set in South Delhi, it is a story of a taxi driver Rohan Arora who has two wives in different homes and relies heavily on a precise schedule to make these two marriages work. Trouble ensues when a head injury causes his schedule to go awry. To make matters worse, two police inspectors land up at both his homes looking for him in order to investigate the incident. What follows is a laugh riot as Rohan tries to keep his secret through a rapid contrivance of false stories and a web of lies. With These Three Performances Expressions'16 Came To An End.But Every Festival is Incomplete Without Any Funny Moments. So ,The First Year Students Did The Mimicry Of Their Seniors And As Well As Dedicate Songs To Them And This Is How This Exciting Festival ended With The Same Enthusiasm.  Read More...

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