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Pierrot's Troupe is on a performing spree with some of the most successful and ever running theatre productions in the history of Indian theatre to its credit --- Ghalib in New Delhi,Big B, Maulana Azad, K L Saigal, Ghalib, Shah Jahan- O- Mumtaz, Sons Of Babur, Cut.Cut..Cut , Pakistan Aur Alzheimer's, Lal Qile Ka Aakhri Mushaera, A Private Affair, Modern Art 2000, To Gandhi Ji with Spelling Mistakes , Ghalib Ke Khat, and many more. One of the troupes thriving productions in recent times is Chacha Chhakkan In Action, a humorous, light hearted and self deprecating take on the life in and around us. Written by renowned playwright Late Qudsiya Zaidi, the play revolves around the quirky misadventures of one and only Chacha Chhakkan born and brought up in Lucknow and educated in Aligarh. It begins with Chacha Chhakkan's chaotic search, one not so fine morning, for his lost eyeglasses while sporting the same. He then proceeds to take care of his ailing son and messes it up by administering wrong doses of medicine to the latter. Not discouraged by his idiocy, he decides to take up the job of giving out dirty clothes to the washer woman: This time, he ends up giving away his wife's gold button studded silk shirt. However, in the garb of humour and satire, this stylish and equally comic play by Qudsiya Zaidi beautifully captures the socio cultural milieu of the life of a middle class family in a middle class town.  Read More...

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