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Pierrot's Troupe Presents A Private Affairs(Hinglish Comedy Play) The play A Private Affair begins with a psychiatrist and her secretary missing the early morning flight. They, then decide to stay at the hotel for one more day and carry on with their patients appointment. In fact, in meeting the psychiatrists instructions, the secretary even forgets to inform the hotel reception that they would not be vacating the suite today, but tomorrow. As expected, the hotel suite is also allocated to Captain Mehta, played by Harish Chhabra. What follows is a mixed bag of chaos, misinterpretations and some funny situations. The plot of the play revolved around the missing case of a skirt that belonged to psychiatrist Geeta Thandani, played by Niti Phool and what ensues in its revelation. Niti in her psychiatrists role looks quite impressive and carries herself with a lot of aplomb. Her dialogues and body language too matched the pace of the character. Also seen on stage, Tanay Tarney as Geeta's secretary, who is confused at times and is also besotted by his employer. His character is lovable owing to the honesty that Pandey brings to the role he plays. Despite being quite young, Tanay has the ability to make his act stand out amongst other professional actors. Harish Chhabra too gives a strong performance and lives upto the credibility of the character. He is complimented in his performance by Ayman Ansari , playing the role of a waiter. Ayman is hilarious with his comic timing and tries well to match up to acting prowess of Chhabra. He even reminds you of young Rishi Kapoor with his body structure. Other actors in the play included Vishnu Sharma, Jaskiran Chopra, Ratan Bhatia, Nishant Kumar Saini, Rajesh Singh The best quality of an actor is to forget his own self and get into the skin of the character on stage. And the play ?A Private Affair? quite lives upto that reputation, thanks to its trained set of actors.  Read More...

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