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Theatre Research Unit For Stage Tools (T.R.U.S.T) Presents “The Truck” A One-Women Hidustani Play. The TRUCK is–A one woman show,in which “The Truck” tells stories about people and women and Plays 20 major characters, and 5 minor characters and speaks 9 dialects. Travelling is the best way to know the world. The truck travels every corner of the land, so it has many stories to tell. The play "The Truck" focuses on male-female relationship in the perspective of our social, religious and family practices. The protagonist or the story teller in the play "The Truck" is a Truck, because when we talk about male-female relationship, we need to understand the vulnerability of human emotions about companionship, and ironically the TRUCK always symbolizes this vulnerability of the driver through its danglings, parandah and female like decorations. Being an only companion of alonely truck drivers, on unknown strange highways, day and night, The Truck has gathered the position of a trusted partner, friend and a beloved in the driver's life. The drivers who spend more than half of their life on roads, away from home, alone on strange highways, with the truck. An emotional bond is built between them. Tere ishq mein chhod dia meine apni gharwali, TATA se nikli virgin, dilli mein hui jawan, patna mein hui tere pyar mein deewani. These kind of truckian literature emerges from these relationships. The truck was a He when it came out of the factory. It wished to be called Black Thunder, Highway Cobra or Dragon King. But the emotional insecurity of human nature deep-rooted in the drivers, has forced these drivers to transform their trucks into a woman.   Read More...

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