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Unicorn studios presents "Genuine Liars". Old social norms are decaying. Relationships are cracking. In such a changing society, where every individual is in search of identity, liberty and equality, Man and woman are still engaged in solving the unsolved mystery between them, the mystery of power, possession, violence and brutality and also of pleasure and passion. Man and woman are genuine but lie to each other. This play is inspired from the paintings of Pablo Picasso which revolves around a married couple, two old lovers and a prostitute and their understanding of love, marriage and relationship. This play is about the complexities and humor of human relationship. “Genuine Liars”, reflects his fascination for using colourful fabrics to create the right mood and ambience. With the stylised lighting effect the mood is further reinforced. This play also reveals the postmodernist approach of the playwright-director to man-woman relationship. He claims that he is inspired by “the paintings of Pablo Picasso which revolve around a married couple, two old lovers and a prostitute”. Through their confrontations he seems to define love, marriage, relationships and the question of gender identity in the era of postmodernism. Structurally, it is a well-knit play with unity of time, action and space. The entire action takes place in the house of a fabulously rich man who deals with taming unruly horses. His wife has a broken love affair and she married him to escape the pangs of an unhappy relationship. After divorcing his wife and in an anguished state of mind, Zaheer desperately tries to find his beloved. As an act of sublimation, he visits prostitutes and finds in a young prostitute some solace. He keeps on painting nudes. One by one two dramatis personae enter the house of the rich man who is engaged in a conversation with his wife who has bought a painting for a crore of rupees. As the characters confront each other, their past is revealed and is watched with a sense of suspense. The production is neat, exploring the emotional and psychological state of the characters who seem alienated from the real conflicts of the milieu. The play has an element of suspense. Playwright-director Happy in the role of Zaheer, the dejected and anguished lover, brings a lot of energy and emotional power to his portrayal. Rachittri, the wife of the rich man, is leading a loveless conjugal life and marriage is a burden to her. Swedha Singh plays Roma, a young prostitute, who is clever and takes pride in flaunting her sexuality, gladly using it to climb the ladder of success in Bollywood. Rachit Bahl as the husband gives a riveting performance. His character has the arrogance of a fabulously rich man used to flogging unruly horses to tame them, with no qualms to use the same method to control women who display resistance.  Read More...

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