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Krishan V/S Kanhaiya is a play about an atheist’s battle with God himself. After his factory breaks down during a man-made disaster, Krishan asks for insurance money from the company; however, he is appalled when the insurance company doesn’t give him the money because of the disaster not being man-made but by “God.” With this, Krishan decides to file a case against God himself. The arguments in the court between Krishan, and God, Kanhaiya are both hilarious and raise issues about religious faith. This play has the correct balance between humor and a consideration of ethical implications. Paresh Rawal, the actor who plays both God and Krishan does an amazing job of conveying the perspectives of both opinions. His expressions and devotion to the movements of each extreme character should be noted. Even though the same actor was playing two different characters, it is important to note that he did a brilliant job differentiating between the two characters to make the audience forget that both characters are being played by the same actor. His tall and almighty stance as the God Kanhaiya was juxtaposed immediately by the atheist who is fighting for his rights. The writes, Bhavesh Mandaliya does an amazing job adding humor to a serious plot. Although the play ends up being a little preachy, the play’s focus isn’t on showing an atheist’s conversion to someone religious; it is about the arguments raised for and against one’s belief in a higher power. The director, Umesh Shukla, uses the script to bring that idea out through the lighting effects and stage design that further differentiate the two extreme characters. An issue that lies within the play is its length. The 2 hours and 15 minutes play, though comedic and interesting, fails to hold the audience’s attention in a few scenes. During the beginning of the second half, there are often repetitive lines and is somewhat irrelevant to the outcome of the play or the message the play seems to serve. Overall, this is a hilarious play with a strong message, and its plot and actors do a great job in creating an entertaining, but smart play.   Read More...

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