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Unicorn Actor Studio Presents "Suraj Ka Satwan Ghoda" Directed By Happy Ranajit.This is the story of unfulfilled love of Manek Mulla ( played by Teekam Joshi/Prashant Bhargava), a genius who is a source of inspiration and knowledge to his fellow companions. All his life, he is searching for the meaning of love in his own life and life of others but unfortunately this search ends in a black hole. A black hole of social restrictions, economic compulsions, pressure from peers and a life of compromises. This Play transports you in a real world of the real characters of real circumstances. Most of the time, circumstances are playing the real villain, mostly out of the control. Director Happy Ranajit deserves highest honor, specially for this Play because his treatment to this story is rather brilliant. Dharamvir Bharati’s novel already has a high reputation for its unique narration and treatment of characters. Touching a subject like that and making a Stage Play on it is no lesser than any challenge. But , Happy Ranajit not only accepts the challenge but sometimes seems on an undeclared war to out do the novel with his technical brilliance and mastery on the medium called Theatre. Manek Mulla (Teekam Joshi) who narrates the story of three leading ladies of the Play is an observer, as well as a participant in the stories. He is a detached man, has complete control on his emotions, more like a silent observer. And, how brilliantly Teekam played this complex character. He is just superb!!! Jamuna (Gauri Dewal) is a free spirited girl who believes in fairy- tale love- stories but she had to face the harsh realities of life. Because of social and economic compulsions and more than that, the lack of courage of her love ( Tanna) to rise above his circumstances, she had to marry a man much older than her age but she never gives up and finally finds the new meaning of her life with her own means. Tanna is the regular good guy in a bad bad world. He has a dominating father Maheshwar Dalaal ( played brilliantly by Suresh Sharma) who is also a womanizer. Tanna never changes himself and his world gets from bad to worst and finally Tanna gives up. Well , he gets what he deserves! What more you can expect from a man who can not stand for himself. Perhaps, losing legs was just a metaphor before he dies. Lilly (Priyanka Sharma) is another love interest of Manek Mulla who also gets married to a boy not of his choice, again because of social and economic compulsions and she finally leaves her husband ( Tanna). The story is so brilliantly woven that every character seems to connected with other in not one but from many angles. It looks like a game where one can not live without affecting others. The Play has seven distinctly different stories and in all these stories, same characters come in and play their roles without changing their characteristics. Brilliant! The more I think about the movie, the more I get immersed into it. I am overwhelmed, completely mesmerized and amazed. Why don’t we see more Plays like that? Third love interest of Manek Mulla is Satti ( Played by Sukhmani Lamba), a girl of lower cast who works for a man who owns a small soap factory. When the girl needed Manek’s protection and support most, he betrayed her and left her in the hand of a person who already raped her once. Again Maheshwar Dalaal plays a villain. Maheshwar Dalaal exists in all these stories and plays a villain in one way or other. Or, I should say only in one way, his weakness for women was the cause of miseries in the life of all the characters in the Play. The end of the Play is unexpected, horrible and literally dark! The bright and genius Manek Mulla with complete control on his emotions who played only an observer or narrator until now, suddenly meets his past in the form of Satti, the girl whom he betrayed. This time he couldn’t control his emotions and for the first time he stops moving forward. He leaves his journey, leaves his friends , starts following his past and finally became disappeared. Manek Mulla who had talent to make instant stories on the objects he saw, was an inspiration and guide for Shyam ( played by Zunaid Kaifi) who was not as bright as his friends but ended up becoming a famous writer. Now the question is why the Play and novel is given this title ” Suraj ka Satwan Ghoda”? Can’t say for sure! In fact , if you observe the story minutely , there are many characters who rose above their circumstances. May be, the writer was thinking about them when he was giving the book this title. I still feel that more than a love story of Maanek Mulla, it was the story of lost friends who inspire us, teach us and help us to make our personality on the cups of tea in a corner of small city. The unforgettable days…. And now if you are confused after reading this Report , don’t blame me. I am not a genius like Dharamvir Bharati or Shyam benegal Or Happy Ranajit. But, if you really want to experience the meaning of Theatre, don’t miss ” Suraj ka Satwan Ghoda”.  Read More...

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